Sit-Stay and Learn about positive reinforcement training with your dog


Tail Waggers Academy is thrilled to announce our partnership with Indian Walk veterinary Center in the lower level training studio~ 662 Durham Rd, Newtown, PA

If you are looking for a vet give them a call to set up your appointment~ and don't forget to tell them Tail Waggers Academy referred you!

We offer both private and group lessons!

Private Instruction~

Private lessons are customized to whatever it is that you would like to work on.  Anything offered in group lessons can be done with private lessons.  Behavior modification would be addressed in private lessons. Aggression, fear and phobias are addressed in private instruction.  Email for consultation fees.

Group Classes~

Freshman Students:  

  • AKC Puppy Star
  • Puppy Socialization

Sophomore Students: 

  • Basic obedience for adult dogs

Junior Students: 

  • Advanced obedience (Indoor)

Senior Students: 

  • Advanced outdoor obedience
  • AKC Urban Canine
  • AKC Community Canine
  • TDI prep

ther Classes:

Feist Fido (Leash reactive group class)

For a list of current classes please go to our Facebook page!


Outdoor Boot-camp Classes~

  • City Slickers!  If you love taking your dog with you when you go out but your dog doesn't seem to know their name let alone their manners, then this class is for you!  We will be going to different locations within the city that are dog friendly to put their basic obedience to test and work through in real life situations.
  • Walk this Way!  If you feel like a kite when you walk your dog, then this class is for you.  Dogs will be learning loose leash walking
  • Rocket Recalls!  Does your dog run in the opposite direction when you call them to COME?  We are teaching recalls with distractions



American Kennel Club Classes (AKC) and

Therapy Dog International (TDI)  Class Description

  • AKC Puppy Star - This class is devoted to puppies under one year old.  It is the beginning of all training for your dog.  This is a six week class and will focus on basic obedience and ownership responsibilities.  This is the beginning of developing a bond between you and your dog through training.
  • AKC GCG (Canine Good Citizen)  - This class is for any dog over one year old.  Your dog should already have a foundation of their basic obedience before signing up for this six week class.  At the end of the six weeks your dog will have their final exam where they can earn their CGC certification.
  • AKC Urban Canine - This class is for dogs that have already passed their AKC CGC level of training.  This is a field trip class where we will visit different settings to put your dog to the test of real life situations in an urban setting with cars, streets to be crossed, noises, and distractionsThis is an advanced test and you should already have done basic obedience and have your CGC.  Your dog will have their final exam in the last class.
  • AKC Community Canine - This is an advanced six week testing class. Your dog must have already passed CGC level and have their foundation of basic obedience.  This is also a class where real life high distractions are put to the test.  Your dog will have their final exam at the end of the six weeks.
  • Therapy Dogs International (TDI)® - The purpose of this class is to prepare students for a career in volunteer work.  Earning this registration will allow your dog to be able to go to different facilities that accept therapy dogs to bring comfort to patients in hospitals, nursing homes or other institutions such as schools and reading programs.   If you are unsure if your dog would qualify for this class, you dog can be evaluated before signing up.

What would you like to know about Jenn?


Jennifer Green, CPDT-KA is a certified dog trainer who practices positive reinforcement based methods in her training.  She is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a professional member of Association for Professional Dog Trainers.

She has been training dogs since 2009 and is the owner of Tail Waggers Academy, LLC.  She has trained dogs in a prison setting as well as private and group instruction.  She specializes in canine anxieties, aggression and phobias along with puppy and adolescent behaviors. .

She is also the Founder ofAlpha Bravo Canine™,  Along with her son who is a U.S. military veteran.  Jennifer trains service dogs for U.S. military veterans suffering from combat PTSD, TBI, and other combat related disabilities.

Client Testimonials

Thanks to Jen, I have mastered sit and stay while patiently waits for my breakfast kibble (my owner thinks I should wait at least 3 minutes to eat! Can you believe it?!?) I love my trainer Jen and can't wait to continue her trainings in the near future. Xoxo Kyra.


Absolutely the best in the area. Jenn is a loving person who puts everything she has into her craft. Tons of experience ...and it shows. Its amazing how she works with the animals. I have seen a difference in dogs after one session.


Jenn is the best! From the time I brought my dog Lucy into my home, we've worked with Jenn in both private and group class settings. I can't say enough positive things about the way she worked with my dog - and me! - because let's face it, training the humans is just as important! Highly recommend Jenn for dogs who need some confidence building and working through anxiety. The patience she brings to the table is unmatched.

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